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        1.) A rigid body is rotating at 2.5 rad/sec about an axis AB,where A and B are the point (1,-2,1) and (3,-4,2).

Find the velocity of the particle P of the body at the point(5,-1,-1).

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2.)If a=i+j-2k,ß=-i2j+3k, y=5i+0j+8k,
then determine the scalars c and d
? ? ?
such that y-ca-dß is perpendicular to
both a and ß.

3.)If r=a cost i +a sint j+at tan ak,then
? ?
find values of |(dr/dt)*(d²r/dt²)|
? ? ?

4.)Find the equations of the tangent plane and normol line to the surface xyz=4 at the point i+2j+2k.

5.)prove that (?*B dv= (n*B ds.
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9 years ago

Answers : (1)

vikas askiitian expert
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for this problem we need a perpendicular distance from point (5,-1,-1) to the axis AB..

drs of line AB are 2i -2j +k

eq of AB can be written as

                 r = i -2j +k + k(2i -2j +k) .........................1

now find general point in this line ,then find drs of line through this point and (5,-1,-1)

since AB and this line are perpendicular so dot product of drs is 0..

now u will get value of k for find this general point and by distance formula find perpendicular

distance...let dis distance is r..

then velocity at this point=wr


9 years ago
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