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Grade: 10
What is ismoregulation in human body ...I don't understand
10 months ago

Answers : (3)

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The kidneys are the main organs which helps in osmoregulation . In this process amino acids , water and glucose is reabsorbed by the kidneys . If water level in our body is high it releases large amount of urine and if water level is low ,it then retains water and releases low amount of urine.
10 months ago
Vikas TU
11770 Points
Dear student 
DDo you want to ask for Osmoregultion or Ismoregulation? 
Please type the question correctly .
We will help you. 
God Luck 
10 months ago
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Osmoregulation is the active regulation of the osmotic pressure of an organism's body fluids, detected by osmoreceptors, to maintain the homeostasis of the organism's water content; that is, it maintains the fluid balance and the concentration of electrolytes (salts in solution which in this case is represented by body ...
6 months ago
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