tan|x| = |tanx| possible values of x is ? Plzz answer urgently

tan|x| = |tanx| 
possible values of x is ?
Plzz answer urgently 


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Vishal Kumar
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5 years ago
it is true for all values of x .
just check by graph . i can tell how to draw the graph of these 2 seperate function and you just need to check the intersection between 2 curves. 
for tan|x| or for general g(|x|).
step 1 :  draw graph of g(x).
step 2:  just remove left part of graph and then take reflection of right half considering y axis as mirror.
for |tanx| or for general |f(x)|.
step 1 : draw graph of f(x).
step 2 : just take reflection of graph below x axis cosidering x axis as mirror and then remove the lower part of graph.
now watch for intersection berween two graphs .
and hence watch for values of x . 
actually its just by chance that both the graph are same so there are infinite number of intersection .

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