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plz suggest me helpful guide books for JEE (pcm) and

plz suggest me helpful guide books for JEE (pcm) and 


6 Answers

25763 Points
3 years ago
I can tell you about Math
M.L. Khanna
R.D sharma
But focus on concept rather than parroting the things in haste
Shivam jain
14 Points
3 years ago
definately I would not......plz also suggest best referances for physics......................................
25763 Points
3 years ago
for physics, you can try HC Verma’s concept of physics only
I think if you are able to complete the book, you will not leave any question in jee.
that is my promise
besides this if you want to refer any other books, it can be I E Irodov otherwise HC Verma is more than sufficient.
Best of luck
11 Points
3 years ago
You can use Arihant,SL.loney,Ml.Khanna for mathsFor Chemistry OP Agarwal and OP TandonFor Physics A.A Pinsky
Soumendu Majumdar
159 Points
3 years ago
For physics: H C Verma, Irodov, DC Pandey
Chemistry: JD Lee, OP Tandon
Mathematics: SN Dey, ML Khanna,
The Gamer
30 Points
2 years ago
Physis-Hc Verma , Irodov ..........
Chemistry-Rcm , arihant..........
Maths-R.D Sharma......... 
It's enough..........
Best of luck for future

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