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Grade: 11
Please send solution to tje attached question as soon as possible 
10 months ago

Answers : (1)

Aditya Gupta
2020 Points
wow dude!! wow. this ques was tough as hell. and the solution is beyond big to be posted here! but i will give you the basic ideas, albeit i must warn you that this ques is the definition of LENGTHY af.
so..... immediately after looking at the ques, what do you realise?? well, we observe that in order to prove S^2(a^2 + x^2)= 1 (where S= sintheta and costheta=C), we basically need to eliminate b and y from the given set of eqns!. since b and y are only 2 variables and we are provided with 3 eqns, this must be possible at least in theory. so we try our luck at this approach.
one slight problem that we might encounter is that the deg of b and y is 2. so we shall first find out b from 3rd eqn in terms of y and other variables, then multiply both sides by b to obtain a b^2 in linear terms of b. we then substitute this value of b^2 in the second eqn.
repeat the above steps for y^2.
note above that after doing all of these steps we shall obtain two brand new eqns, with just a slight problem that in both of them there would b terms of b*y. so we again need to substitute the value of by from the third eqn in these two eqns to finally obtaiin a truly linear eqn in b and y.
once you are done with all this, you will be left with two eqns in b and y. simply eliminate b from these eqns and simplify.
you will obtain
(y+xc)(a^2S^2+x^2S^2 – 1)=0
from which the result follows!!
kindly approve :) literally took me eternity to write the entire ans …....
9 months ago
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