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mithra iyengar Grade: 11
im getting only 3hrs to study and im feeling very difficult in trignometry. what can i do?how can i cope up?
2 years ago

Answers : (1)

erra akhil
208 Points
Dear Mithra,
Trigonometry is a very easy, but alot of thinking is required and basic formulae must be mugged(byheart) up.
Practice as many sums as possible for trigonometry.This is the only key to success in trigonometry.
There are a good set of examples and questions in the book Problems Plus for IIT by Asit Das Gupta published by Bharathi Bhavan.
As far as my knowledge for mains level, generally substitutuion works out except some cases.
But, Substitution doesnt work out in Jee Advance.
First learn all the formulae by heart and then go for problems only if you are perfect in formulae.
Trigonometry formulae can be learned from many mains books like Cengage maths mains book by G Tewani.
This website might also help you.
All I could tell only through my experience during preparation for jee and they are similar to the problems I had faced.
Approve my answer helped you.
2 years ago
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