Find the range of cos -1 (x) + cot -1 (x). Give well explained answer please !

Find the range of cos-1(x) + cot-1(x).

Give well explained answer please !


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Sandeep Bhamoo
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4 years ago
Domain of cos^(-1) =(-1,1). Cot^(-1)=R hence resultant is =(-1,1). Max at -1 fn=3π/4. Min. at 1 fn=π/4. Please do approve my answer if correct
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4 years ago
Hey Sandeep !
I am having doubt in maximum value part of your answer.
See if you will substitute -1 in cos-1(x) + cot-1(x) , then your answer should come as 
  \Pi + 3\Pi /4 
As cos-1(-1) is “pi” and cot-1(-1) is “3pi/4 “ . So your answer should come as “7pi / 4”.
So please check your answer and let me know if I am not wrong !

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