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Grade: 12
BP/PC=CQ/QA=AR/BR;show that AP^2+BQ^2+CR^2 iis least when P,Q,R bisect the sides
3 years ago

Answers : (1)

mycroft holmes
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Let the ratios be equal to t.
We know that  2AP^2 + BP^2 +CP^2 = AB^2+AC^2 .
where BP^2 = \frac{t^2}{(t+1)^2} BC^2 and CP^2 = \frac{1}{(t+1)^2} BC^2
Hence 2AP^2 = AB^2+AC^2 - BC^2 \left (\frac{1+t^2}{(t+1)^2} \right)
Adding three similar relations and simplifying we get
2(AP^2+BQ^2+CR^2)= \left(AB^2+AC^2 +BC^2 \right) \left (2 -\frac{1+t^2}{(t+1)^2} \right)
Hence LHS is minimized when the expression \frac{1+t^2}{(t+1)^2} is minimized i.e
when \frac{(t+1)^2}{1+t^2} is maximized  which is when \frac{2t}{1+t^2} is maximised.
\frac{2t}{1+t^2} = \frac{2}{t+\frac{1}{t}} \le 1 as by AM_GM Ineqt+\frac{1}{t} \ge 2 with equality when t=1 i.e. when BP=PC, CQ = QA, AR = BR etc
Hence AP^2+BQ^2+CR^2 is minimized when P,Q, R bisect BC, CA, AP resp.
3 years ago
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