which branch is best for engineering student

which branch is best for engineering student

Grade:12th pass

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8 years ago
I would sugggest Mechanical Engineeering
Leepika Roy
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8 years ago
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I'll recommend to mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering is still better than other degrees. It contains one of the major activities in the engineering profession. There are many jobs opportunity for engineers.

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8 years ago
I totally depends on your intrest.If you are good at Physics and Intrested in auto-mobiles then prefer Mechanics,Meghatronics,
if intrested in elctronic technology then ECE,EEE.if  in chemical then marine,petroleum there are so many.
The top universities which provide these courses are
Birla Institute of Technology
Delhi Technological University
Lovely Professional University
Bengal Engineering and Science University
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8 years ago
i would suggest you mechanical or electrical
because they have good scope

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