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WHAT IS MAGIC SQUARE..........................??

WHAT IS MAGIC SQUARE..........................??

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Sunil Kumar FP
askIITians Faculty 183 Points
7 years ago

Inrecreational mathematics, amagic squareis an arrangement of numbers (usuallyintegers) in asquaregrid, where the numbers in each row, and in each column, and the numbers in the forward and backward main diagonals, all add up to the same number. A magic square has the same number of rows as it has columns, and in conventional math notation, "n" stands for the number of rows (and columns) it has. Thus, a magic square always containsn2numbers, and its size (the number of rows [and columns] it has) is described as being "of ordern".[1]A magic square that contains the integers from 1 ton2is called anormalmagic square. (The term "magic square" is also sometimes used to refer to any of various types ofword squares.)


thanks and regards
sunil kr
askIITian faculty

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