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is upes is a good college than lpu and amity university

is upes  is a good college  than lpu and amity university

Grade:12th pass

3 Answers

askIITians Faculty 165 Points
5 years ago
UPES is mainly famous for its course of Petroleum Engineering and is reputed in Oil and Gas Industry.

However, LPU and Amity provide a wide variety of University level courses and hence provide opportunities for various disciplines in undergraduate studies.
Aneesh Sehgal
955 Points
5 years ago
If you really want to know about the features and drawbacks of any institution(s), the best ever way is to visit the official websites of the insitutions and get to know the requisite information. One cannot and should not compare any institution just like that, if possible pay a visit to the place and the things will be crystal clear. Amity university is good for studies and on the other hand LPU is an international university, exchanging cultural and traditional values of differen nations as the students come from different countries here, moreover it has been declared to be the largest university, one of the top 20 private universities, able to accomodate thousands of students in hostels, providing best ever education to students followed by far far better placements than other universities.
Rahul Dhiman
37 Points
5 years ago
It depends upon for which course you are looking for, In B.Tech AMITY and LPU are very good. AMITY has awesome Study and LPU provides best platform to enhance your talent and improve yourself. It is quite difficult to direcctly compare any two institutes. But Still LPU is a very good platform where differnt cultures mix together and provide to a platform to grow yourself..

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