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I want to give LPUNEST 2017, so what is the procedure?

I want to give LPUNEST 2017, so what is the procedure?

Grade:12th pass

2 Answers

3783 Points
4 years ago
LPUNEST is National Entrance and Scholarship Test for the admission to various programmes in Lovely Professional University. This test forms the basis of eligibility for some of the programmes and scholarship for most of the programmes. Online Registration for LPUNEST-2017 Begins from 1st October 2016. The test is for admission to various programmes offered by campus. You can tell us in which branch you need admission means engineering or design or MBA or hotel maagement  and i will explain you further procedure
isha sharma
66 Points
3 years ago
You need to visit the university’s website and register for the test. You will get an LPU kit and give the test online. For any miscommunication you can refer the university’s website or contact at the efficiently active toll free number.

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