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i got 253 in bitsat 2014 can i get seat

i got 253 in bitsat 2014 can i get seat 

Grade:12th Pass

2 Answers

bharat bajaj IIT Delhi
askIITians Faculty 122 Points
6 years ago
No.. I am sorry.. you will not get any branch in either of bits..
Bharat Bajaj
Askiitians faculty
Vivek Kumar
24 Points
6 years ago
You scored well but not enough to fulfill the criterias of BITs. But it doesnt mean that what you have scored is a waste of time. You can put your knowledge in various directions. Various other institution  like Vellore Institute Of Technology,Lovely Professional University, Punjab Technical Unversity, Thappar University. Conduct there own entrance exam in which LPU offers Twinning Process In most of its major branches. You should try other entrance exam as you can score well there with a good scolarship.

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