is mits gwalior is a good college for engineering?

is mits gwalior is a good college for engineering?


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AskiitianExpert Pramod-IIT-R
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13 years ago

dear student,

Mit gwalior is a good college, but you should not compare only a college but the combination of college with branch. To select a college is a comparistion task. to compare a college with other location wise,repotation wies and branch wise. these things also depends on  comparision list. So dear student, no doubt  college is good but try to get good rank in AIEEE or IITJEE so that you can go in a great college.


 One more thing, when you will come after your graduation into market to join a job. At that time a tag (IITian or NITian) will have a important role and that will decide your salary. so try to crack a exam with good rank.


 Best wishes

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