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Shubham roy Grade: 12
        dear friends i want to know the basic difference between cse and IT, which one is better, and which one is regarded as software engineering, i have profound interest in computers and i want to persue btech in a field related with computers, i also want to know that does the ECE has any connection with computers, and which is better to choose, mech in the best of nits or ece or It in IIIT Allahabad, it has been ranked 8th by india today , and 4th placement wise, also going to host a science conclave with 15 nobel prize winners.
8 years ago

Answers : (1)

AskiitianExpert Pramod-IIT-R
47 Points
										IT is a subpart of the computer engineering. and this IT is not now a days famous. Most of the persons assume that IT means Computer Science but in reality it is not. Some company specifies only CS and not IT. so in that case automatically you are not eligible.(let assume)If You know about optics in physics , you are not a good teacher in physics you can control only a specific area, which is now a days not good.

Now If we come to college life, more than 80% subjects are common in IT and CS. after 4 years , you will again think that ""is there any difference, No .....I can apply anywhere where CS branch student can apply""". But industry will not take this argument , because on paper CS student have deep knowledge of programming , not you(IT). 

So CS is always better than It.

ECE is better than CS by two ways 1) ECE student can go two type of job CS job and EC job
But CS students can go only one side CS side only.

Next is IIIT and NIT,

dear student, Name is a main thing in life not job. 

 NIT tag is similar to IIT tage. they are tags and everybody knows. There is not any need to explain about you and your college , your tag will indicate everything.

But in case of IIIT , these colleges are famous at the level of entrance level, not a good image in industry and outside in india. every time you have to give full details about rank of IIIT , placement//college infrastructure.

So I think do not confuse with the tage .

Pramod Kumar

8 years ago
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