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dear  sir,

            i tried hard this time to get seat in iit for CSE butt unfortunately i couldn't. I've scored better in AIEEE and has got a for sure , seat in a top govt college for CSE in Kerala. What according to you can i do to" IIT-class"-education in CSE, means can you suggest me some books, reference boooks, that can really help me? i don't wish to waste a year and repeat for JEE.I know i can't have  such highly skilled faculty no where else, and can't  have placements well as in iits, but if i work  hard wouldn't i be able to develop my knowledge and skills to the iitian standard?


one more thing , if i can do M Tech in an iit, say in IITK, will i get good placements from there?  i've heard that iits are especially famous for their undergraduate courses.

your answer is really valuable for me. please advice me if is better to repeat for JEE.

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

kavish Dwivedi
94 Points

U dot need be an IITian always to get the best pakage in cse ...and neither the professor thing is correct...cse is not taught by proffs that well in any college ... It might be that they can give you low level knowledge of architecture, parallel programming,os etc but the main thing being efficient in a programming language you will have to do it yourself be it IIT IIIT or NIT...M.Techs dont have vale in india and even get lesser pakages than normal 4 year B.Tech wo;t get the opportunity to directly sit in interviews of companies like fb or google but if you hone yourself you would surely be a very good software engineer and fr that you will have to be different ahead and creative from rest of your colleagues at your college...i suggest you some of the books and websites to follow which if you do seriously day in and day out will make  even fb and google request you to join their corporation themselves...

install a unix os (red hat/fedora/ubuntu) on your computer and learn about the basics of its c compiler(run and see the output of every program you encounter) and basic commands from the internet

books(read in order)--

1.let us C(yashwant kanetkar)


3.C-dennis ritchie(mother of all books)

4.Data structures in C- sartaj sahni

5.C++ - balaguruswamy

6.C++ - bruce eckel (part 1&2)

7.Introduction to Algorithms - Coreman

8.Oreilly -python programming 3.2

webites(start doing as soon as you read the first book)-

after you do atleast 10-15 questions in spoj...start participating in SRMs of and improve your rank there... if you get your rating above 2000 in topcoder by performing well in topcoder you will automatically get a call from all the best software companies and their r&d of luck...

7 years ago
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  • Test paper with Video Solution
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
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