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JEE 2012 rank(AIR)=3159 (getting CS at iit rajasthan) and 12 cbse =93%(aggr),96%PCM ,my BITSAT score is 333 and aieee rank is 5933(AIR).. IS IT A BETTER AND SAFE OPTION TO DROP FOR JEE 2013.???? .I AM INTERESTED IN COMPUTER FIELD AND I WANT TO BECOME AN IAS.WHAT TO DO??....................... PLEASE GUIDE......

5 years ago

Answers : (5)

anil kumar
38 Points

Just decide what u wanna be at last dude! if its ias its better to go for what u have got coz the less ur age is the more tries u get at civils exam. If its an engineer then u have think good with 333 u can get cse in bits goa and its better than iit rajasthan so go for goa bits

5 years ago
kavish Dwivedi
94 Points

there is absolutely no need to do this dropping stuff..its for those who get a rank atleast below 4k you have got a good rank in all the exams and as far as your interests are concerned you want to be a computer engineer ... fine go and join MN-NIT IT with this AIR . i could have told you to join cse @ nit calicut too but because CSE @ IT are more or less the same branches with same course structure with same faculty with same department in MN-NIT and with an average pakage of 6.6 lakhs you will get the same benefits as are the cse guys from mnnit in placements and in further studies. I wont suggest you to join IIT Rajasthan only because it has not yet established reputes with the best software companies and it will take a span of atleast 10 years to do that.On the other way MN-NIT has companies like fb(1.33 crore pa),MS(16.5 lakh pa ),amazon(15.5 lpa),google(18 lpa),goldman sachs(12 lpa),oracle(11.5 lpa),direct i(11 lpa),flipkart(12 lpa) visiting campus every year and you will stand a better chance if you are in top 10 of your branch which wont be hard for a student of your caliber to maintain there.other thing is that if ou could get a good gpi in the first year..there are chances of brach upgradation to cse too . as far as IAS is concerned start your full proof studies after placements which are completed by the time you enter 3rd month of you final year until then newspapers and coachings and csr will be enough for you because of the pattern of IAS is still not decided what it will be after 3-4 years. so its better you go there do a lot of coding maintain a good gpi above 8 and your job in the companies mentioned aove are sure...  but remove this doubt of dropping...even the best from IIT B get into these companies and if you could get now also why to waste another year...

5 years ago
Ashwin Sinha
521 Points

Dear Gaurav Shastri,

Are u mad?????? I mean, thease all are good ranks. U can easily get IIT Varanasi Mech. Its also good. If u are interested in computers, then better u opt IT branch in IIIT Allahabad, which stands 2nd in India for its specialization.U have to be positive at this moment. Dropping in ur case is nothing, but a wastage of money & TIME. U can also get Mech. in Pilani. Go for councellings.

Be happy!!


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5 years ago
swapan jain
30 Points

You are getting CS in IIT rajasthan.GO for it .No need to waste a year.You want to become an there is no need to DRop.Congratulations for such a wonderful result.

5 years ago
Kolla Raja Sekhar
51 Points

buddy.. go for CSE in NITs... or go for BITS Pilani... dont waste ur time.. :)

5 years ago
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