please send me the list of top 5 colleges according to placement in wbjee that i can fill. i am a non-bengali....with no domicile and got 142 rank,,,

please send me the list of top 5 colleges according to placement in wbjee that i can fill. i am a non-bengali....with no domicile and got 142 rank,,,


Grade:12th Pass

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Aman Bansal
592 Points
11 years ago

Dear Prateek,

  • Academy of Technology


  • Arybhatta Institute of Enginneering & Management


  • Asansol Engineering College


  • B P Poddar Institute of Management & Technology


  • Bankura Unnayani Institute of Engineering


  • BengalCollege of Engineering & Technology


  • Bengal Engineering and Science University


  • Bengal Institute of Technology


  • Bengal Institute of Technology & Management


  • BengalSchool of Technology


  • Birbhum Institute of Engineering & Technology


  • Calcutta Inst. of Pharma Tech & Allied Health Sci


  • Calcutta Institute of Engineering & Management


  • Calcutta Institute of Technology


  • College of Engineering & Management, Kolaghat


  • DR B C Roy Engg College


  • Dumkal Inst of Engg & Technology


  • Durgapur Inst of Adv Tech & Management


  • Future Inst of Engineering & Management


  • GovtCollege of Engg & Leather Tech


  • GovtCollege of Engg & Textile Technology


  • GovtCollege of Engineering & Ceramic Technology


  • Govt Collge of Engg & Textile Tech, Sreerampore


  • GuptaCollege of Technological Science


  • Gurunanak Inst of Pharma Sci & Tech


  • Gurunanak Inst of Tech


  • H C Garg Inst of Science & Tech


  • Haldia Inst of Tech


  • Heritage Inst of Tech


  • HooglyEngg & Tech College


  • IMPSCollege of Engg & Tech


  • Inst of Tech & Marine Engg


  • Inst of Engg & Management


  • Instituteof Jute Tech


  • Instituteof Pharmacy


  • JadavpurUniversity


  • JalpaiguriGovt Engg College


  • JISCollege of Engg


  • KalyaniGovt Engg College


  • KalyaniUniversity Science Instrumentatn Centre


  • Mallabhum Institute of Technology


  • MCKV Inst of Engineering


  • Meghnad Saha Inst of Tech


  • MurshidabadCollege of Engg & Tech


  • Narula Inst of Technology


  • National Power Training Inst


  • Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Inst of Pharmacy


  • Netaji Subhas Engg College


  • RCC Inst of Information Technology


  • Saroj Mohan Inst of Technology


  • Siliguri Inst of Technology


  • ST. Thomas Collegeof Engg


  • Techno India


  • TechnoIndia College of Technology


  • University Inst of Technology, Burdwan


  • WestBengal University of Technology


  • BCDACollege of Pharmacy & Technology


  • Bharat Technology


  • Dream Institute of Technology


  • Institute of Science & Technology


  • Seacom Engineering

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