I Am Getting Chemical At HBTI Kanpur And Btech Pharmacy At Bits Pilani. Which Should I Prefer

I Am Getting Chemical At HBTI Kanpur And Btech Pharmacy At Bits Pilani.

Which Should I Prefer

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Shubham Rohilla
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12 years ago

  by taking B pharmacy at bits pilani you have the choice  to convert it to a dual degree by working hard there.

Academic Flexibilities:



Dual Degree Scheme:




To meet the ambitions of the students who could not get admission to B.E.(Hons.)/B.Pharm.(Hons.) programmes, the Institute has created facilities by which any student who is admitted to M.Sc.(Hons.) programmes is accommodated in a dual degree scheme for a second degree in B.E.(Hons.)/B.Pharm.(Hons.) programmes. This assignment is made by competition on their performance at BITS at the end of first year, separately in Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad campuses. 




Transfer from one program to another:



(i) Within the same tier:

          It is possible for a student to seek transfer from one programme to another in the middle of a programme without having to start from the beginning.

          This is possible because the student is given credit for what he has done till then towards the requirements of the programme to which he seeks the transfer. Details have to be seen in the Academic Regulations. 


Transfer is possible from M.E.(all branches) and M.Pharm. to M.Phil. On the other hand, very restricted and tutored transfer would be possible from M.Phil. to M.E./ M.Pharm.

          Since admission to a programme is done on assigned and competitive basis, there cannot be any scope of undoing the fact of an assigned admission through transfer. Thus only exceptionally meritorious students in a limited number of cases can expect to compete for transfer to a more sought-after programme. On the other hand, transfer to a less sought-after programme for students who are unable to cope with the rigours of the programme in which they have been admitted would be readily  used  to rehabilitate them without much loss of time. In any event, transfer must be treated as an admission process.

(ii) From first degree to higher degree/Ph.D. degree:

          In the case of bright and promising students of the Integrated First degree programmes a transfer to Higher Degree and/or Ph.D. degree may also be provided.

kavish Dwivedi
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12 years ago

chemical at hbti kanpur is better .... take it unless you get a better NIT...

Shubham Rohilla
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12 years ago

average placement of hbti this year my friend is studying there in final year he told me.

  decision is yours.

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