what is adiabatic mixing in engineering thermodynamics?

what is adiabatic mixing in engineering thermodynamics?


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Adiabatic Describes
a process in which no heat is exchanged with the
Adiabatic Efficiency of a Compressor The
ratio of the work input required
to raise the pressure of a gas to a specified value in an isentropic manner to
the actual work input.
Adiabatic Efficiency of a Nozzle The
ratio of the actual kinetic energy of
the fluid at the nozzle exit to the kinetic energy value at the exit of an
isentropic nozzle for the same inlet state and exit pressure.
Adiabatic Efficiency of a Turbine The
ratio of the actual work output of the
turbine to the work output that would be achieved if the process between the
inlet state and the exit state was isentropic.
Assumptions Assumptions
used to simplify analysis of
complex gas cycles. These assumptions are: (1)The working fluid is air,
which continuously circulates in a closed loop and always behaves as an ideal
gas. (2)All the processes are internally reversible. (3)The combustion process
is replaced by a heat addition process. (4)The exhaust process is replaced by a
heat rejection process.
Mass Flow Rate The
amount of mass flowing through a cross sectional area
per unit time.
Mixing Chamber An
area where two or more fluids mix together.
Multistage Compression with Intercooling A
technique where a gas is
compressed in stages and cooled between each stage by passing the gas
through a heat exchanger called an intercooler.
Nozzle A
device that increases the velocity of a fluid at the expense of
Thermodynamic Temperature Scale A
temperature scale that is independent
of the properties of the substances that are used to measure temperature.
Thermodynamic Equilibrium Occurs
when the same temperature exists
throughout the system.
Third Law of Thermodynamics States
that the entropy of a pure crystalline
substance at absolute zero temperature is zero.

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