i have scored 125 in aieee which college i will get

i have scored 125 in aieee which college i will get


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askIITians Faculty 747 Points
8 years ago
Your marks in AIEEE is 125 which means your All India rank would be around 45,000-50,000.

To take admission in any NIT,you are required to get at least rank of 25,000.

So,with this rank,you can't get any NIT this year if you are from general or OBC category.
If you are from SC/ST category,you will easily get an NIT.

So,you can try for other government colleges if you don't get NIT.
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8 years ago
There are very little chances of getting into NIt’s.So try other top privite universities which provide you greate placement oppurtunities,scholarships for your 125 marks in AIEEE.
those universities are
Birla Institute of Technology
Manipal University
Lovely Professional University
Bengal Engineering and Science University
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8 years ago
if you belong to general it is very difficult to get nits
but if your an sc/st then you have chances to get it

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