sir my aieee 2012 score is 147 can u pls let me know the best colleges suited with my marks


my aieee 2012 score is 147

 can u pls let me know the best colleges suited with my marks


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Godfrey Classic Prince
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11 years ago

Dear ashish kumar,

According to my analysis,I predict your rank to be around 22000-26000 ..

This is a very good rank and can get you into NITs for sure.

You can hope for the Lower ranked and not so fancied NITs like,


National Institute of Technology, Delhi
 National Institute of Technology, Goa
 National Institute of Technology, Manipur
 National Institute of Technology, Meghalaya
 National Institute of Technology, Mizoram
 National Institute of Technology, Nagalandr
 National Institute of Technology, Puducherry
 National Institute of Technology, Sikkim
 National Institute of Technology, Srinagar, Garhwal


Hope this helped you immensely...

All the Very Best & Good Luck to you ..



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Godfrey Classic Prince


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ashish kumar
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11 years ago

Thanks a lot sir

sir is this really a fyn rank to get nit..actually i wanted comp sc. can i get it in any of the nits??

also i have home state reservation in jharkhand... can i get admitted in bit meshra ranchi?

can u pls gv me the branch wise list suitd with my rank??

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