how is iiit delhi as compared to DTU and NSIT??

how is iiit delhi as compared to DTU and NSIT??


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nikhil arora
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12 years ago

DTU and NSIT are well known among aspirants and are also older than IIIT. they are weel established and are brands for engineering aspirants, has a good faculty, good placements, comes under top 20 institutes of india (DTU comes under top 10), great research has been done, whereas IIIT delhi is few years old not so well known but has a very good faculty and ideal for IT.

Ujjwal Kanodia
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9 years ago
IIITD is far better than DTU, NSIT and many IITs when it comes to faculty. All professors are Ph.D from top foreign universities and are there to help and make students develop interest in research. DTU,NSIT are basically technical colleges and IIITD is research college and we all know about the faculty of DTU,NSIT which no where stands in front of faculty of IIITD(and will never be in any near future).Now we come to placements and package DTU is 70 years old college and IIITD is 6 years old college and NSIT is 30 years old college and although despite of highest package(DTU~NSIT>IIITD only highest package),average package of IIITD is much more than DTU,NSIT.DTU has an average package of 9 lakhs(same as NSIT) where as IIITD has an average package of 15 lakhs.Ease of getting hostel is in IIITD for delhiites and DTU,NSIT offer no hostel facility for delhiites.Course curriculum of IIITD is far more better than DTU,NSIT rather than best. If a person takes computer science in DTU,NSIT he is forced to learn physics,mechanics,electronics whereas in IIITD at the first year of btech he learns python,c etc.I don’t want to discuss more as now it will be humiliation of DTU,NSIT.
Mayank Gupta
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2 years ago
I would suggest going for DTU. DTU is better than NSIT in almost all scenarios be it infrastructure, placements, campus life, brand value.
DTU Placement Stats for 2021-22 (till 27 Aug 2021 i.e. only 27 days)
No. of companies : 75
No. of offers : 566
No. of students placed : 533
Highest CTC : 45.034 LPA (Microsoft selected 34 students + 11 PPOs)
Avg Salary : 22.11 LPA
Median Salary : 22.2 LPA
No. of offers above 20 lakhs : 239
No. of offers btw 10 & 20 lakhs : 246
This is as per DTU's official website & can be considered one of the best in India almost close to IIIT Hyderabad CSE whose avg is around 22-23 LPA for around 120 students only. The placement season has just begun with more than 11 months still left. Choose accordingly.

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