BIT Mesra Or VIT Vellore

BIT Mesra Or VIT Vellore

Grade:Upto college level

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bhanuveer danduboyina
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10 years ago

Well I would surely suggest you to study at BIT Mesra. VIT Vellor is also very good if we compare it with other institutes in India.

Also, if you have any more doubts you can visit 

They provide free online counseling that you can take use of and clear all your doubts by asking your queries to the expert counselor. You may find the number to counselor of on the homepage.

Best of Luck
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Nimon B
63 Points
10 years ago

BIT Mesra is a better college than VIT... I have friends in both of the colleges, and from the review i got, BIT Mesra is a far more better college than VIT.... you can also check out the placements of both the colleges...

???Pls approve the ans.. Thanks

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