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help- ISM preparatory course or Production engg. at NIT Tiruchirrapalli.

help- ISM preparatory course or Production engg. at NIT Tiruchirrapalli.

Grade:Upto college level

3 Answers

Pratham Ashish
17 Points
12 years ago
hi sarah, according to me NIT trichy will be a better option for u as u are getting only a prepatory crse at ISM dhanbad which will take ur full one year n after that u r not sure u r getting to get a good iit or not,.....also production engg is a very good branch regarding scope in the future and nit trichy is a very well established institute and its placement is also very balanced , u needn't hav to worry about your scope in the if u are worried about that part then its useless, ...again nit trichy is any time one of the best nits all over the country and it is par in excellence to iits like iit bhu or iit u must not think much on this and join nit trichy leaving behind all of your doubts.....and also prepatory course is not always helpfull so u must not waste ur one year time as it is very precious for ur future.... Hopefully ur problem is solved and u can make ur mind on this.... with regards, askiitians expert pratham
Sarah Parker
8 Points
12 years ago

Dear Pritham,

Thank you very much for your valuable advise. My son however decided to join ismu as he believes that the mode of entry is through iitjee which has its own prestige. Thanks once again chandra sekhar
10 Points
12 years ago


ISM preparatory Course is better than Production engg. if you are able to get the petroleum engg. in ISM after completion of the course.

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