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nayan jaiswal Grade: 12


    i am really confused abt which college to choose

   i have got admission in da-iict i.c.t. &nirma e.c but what to choose?.both are premier colleges & good in their respective aspects.

recently india today placed nirma at 25th. and outlook placed daiict ahead. hence which magazine list is to be believed

plzzz reply

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

AskIITianExpert Srijan.iitd
8 Points

Yes i agree that both the colleges are having same reputation and infrastructure and since both of the colleges are ranked almost same by various ranking agencies, i would like to say that you should definitly  go by the branch.If you dont have your own strong branch choices i would suggest go for EC .When considered scopewise EC is surely more growing field knowledgewise as well as market.There is an economic slowdown worldwide and which has affected IT sectors and it wil take time for it to recover,in the mean time the core sectors provide support to comeout of any economic crisis.EC will be in great demand in the comming years.

Even you can have greater chances of growing in research and higher studies too if you finally find out that is not sufficient for your career which is most common thing for most of the students.In that case too EC will provide with better prospectives.

The word scope does mean that you will have options and choices open for you in future in context of jobs,companies,higher studies and research.

whichever college you study it does matter only till your campus selection or say the first job and after that the only thing which will stay with you lifelong is your branch,so if both colleges are of almost same ranking you shold decide over the branch and in that my advise would be EC.

Best of Luck!!!

8 years ago
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