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Grade: 12

iwould like to have some information about UDCT.
i was called for the first counselling in udct through aieee. for my rank, i was alloted seats only in the btech program which consisted Food Technology
Tech of Intermediates & Dyes
Tech of Oils,Fats & Waxes
Tech of Paints
Tech of Pharmaceutical & Fine Chem.
Tech of Plastics
Textile Chemistry
M. Tech. Plastic Processing, so i didnt take aseat there.
now there might be second councelling and now i am ready to accept if there is any seat in b chem if not in b tech if it is better than bits mesra cse.
is chemical here better than nit warangal.
and what are the prospects for btech programs in udct?
10 years ago

Answers : (1)

AskIITianExpert Srijan.iitd
8 Points

The University Department of Chemical Technology, popularly UDCT is one of the most outstanding Departments of the University of Mumbai. This prestigious Department - in existence since 1934, enjoys a unique and prominent place amongst the premier institutes that are engaged in education, training and research in the field of Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology and Pharmacy in India. It is the most preferred destination for learning in chemical engineering field, esteemed highly internationally. The institution has been proactive in allying to industries’ needs and therefore academic excellence and industrial relevance has been a unique feature of UDCT. Corporates involved in the Chemical & related fields like Reliance, BPCL, HPCL, P&G, L&T, ACC … international heavyweights like DuPont, ICI, Unilever .. and premier research institutions and Academic institutions in the world .. all boast of UDCTians in their rolls.

What they do: There are 11 divisions in UDCT which include: Chemical Engineering, Six branches of Chemical Technology: Intermediates & Dyes, Food & Fermentation, Oils Surfactants & Oleochemicals, Paints & Polymer, Pharmaceutical Technology & Pharmacy, Fibres & Textile Processing. In addition, there is a division of General Engineering and three divisions of Applied Sciences: Applied Chemistry, Applied Physics, and Applied Mathematics. The library and the sheer number of publications available if just fantastic.
A recent survey by Prof. Y.T. Sommerfield of Georgia Institute of Technology, USA indicates that the UDCT occupies pinnacle position in the country as well as in the world in terms of publications in International reputed Journals and number of Ph.D. produced. That is why, talented students are attracted for the graduate and post-graduate programs - and most of the major Divisions also enjoy the special recognition by way of special assistance programs of the UGC.

 if you have inclination for chemical engineering or related technologies and if you have the necessary academic qualifications, UDCT is the right place for you.


comming to your question,no, bit mesra cse is better than it!!

may be its better than nit warangal chem.i cant compare chem dept. of nit warangal with it due to lesser info.

10 years ago
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  • Study Planner
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