Which iit would be best for mechnicl and electronics engineering?

Which iit would be best for mechnicl and electronics engineering?


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The department of mechanical engineering IIt Kgp, right from the inception in 1951 has been offering undergraduate and advanced studies under the three broad fields of applied mechanics and engineering design, thermal sciences and energy systems, and manufacturing processes and systems. The current areas include Bond graph and Computer Aided Design techniques, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Flexible Manufacturing Systems and Robotics, Intelligent Machines and Systems, Solid Modelling and Computer Graphics, Application of Neural Networks, Systems Dynamic Simulation, Precision Engineering Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems, Combustion Modelling and Jet Impingement Heat Transfer. The sponsored projects include developing Monodispersable Aerosols, Building Automation, Machining of Advanced Materials, Environmental Friendly Grinding of Titanium Alloys using Cryogenic Cooling, Development of Industrial Robots, Laser Material Processing Technology, Developing Software or Dynamic Analysis and Condition Monitoring of Rotor etc.

IIT Kanpur which offers B.Tech, M.Tech, dual-degree i.e. B.Tech + M.Tech, and PhD programs in Electrical Engineering. The department has a rich tradition of teaching and research and is widely recognised to be a pioneer in Electrical Engineering education in India.

 The research interests of the faculty members encompass a wide gamut of sub-disciplines of Electrical Engineering. Collaboration with faculty members from other disciplines, both within and outside the institute, is encouraged. The research activity of the department includes fundamental research, sponsored and consultancy projects, and is carried out with active participation of the students, faculty and research engineers. The lab facilities and the infrastructure are regularly upgraded and are well supported by the institute and the industry.

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