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sir i'm confused b/w kuru computers & iitg chemical........ pls guide me

sir i'm confused b/w kuru computers & iitg chemical........
pls guide me


3 Answers

piyush garg
9 Points
12 years ago

definately iitg where iit and where nit kurukshetra

AskiitianExpert Shine
10 Points
12 years ago


I would advice u to surely go for Chemical in IIT Guwahati . IIT g is a much more reputed and good institute than NIT kurukshetra. IF u are considered abt the branch chemical , then also it is'nt a  problem coz chemical has got a very good scope and will fetch u a fine paid job.

Chemical engineering is a multidisciplinary area. All the basic areas of engineering like civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and metallurgy are involved in addition to the specialty of chemical engineering itself.
It is needed in almost all manufacturing industries like, foods, pharma, biotech, chemicals, petro chemicals, polymers and many more.

this branch of engineering is a varied field, covering areas from biotechnology and nanotechnology to mineral processing. It covers various fields of chemical technology in mineral based industries, petrochemical plants, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fibres, petroleum refining plants etc. Chemical engineers design and operate chemical plants and improve methods of production.


IIt G being an IIT holds the brand name, and assures u better future prospects.

mohit yadav
24 Points
12 years ago

iit-g for sure

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