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shikhar agarwal Grade: 12
8 years ago

Answers : (2)

Naveen Krishna
13 Points

MNIT Allahabad is a very prestigious institute. It has many dept.s and each respective dept. have a very good faculties. The hostel life is very great in MNIT with 5 boys hostels and 2 girls hostels. MNIT focusses on the overall development of students and host four majority festivals Avishkar(Tech fest), Culrav(cultural fest), Gnosiomania (national level quiz fest), Robofest(national level robo fest). Moreover the campus placements of MNIT are very good and has a very good emeritius alumini.(

DCE  comes in the list of most prestigious institutes in North India. It has a very good faculty and it mainly focuses on industry specific research. Coming to the hostel life, the DCE has the best student life with numerous cultural fests and technical fests. One can rank the student and cultural life of DCE to the topmost compared to anyother institute. Infact the students can also enjoy the citylife of delhi which gives the edge over MNIT.(


What i suggest is don't go with the place, both are equally good. Go with your dept. and field of your interest. If your rank is very good then opt for CSE,Electrical or mechanical. The campus placements of MNIT have a edge over DCE, even the campus placements of DCE are very good. So if you are hoping for a very good student life then opt for DCE. Finally the campus placements will come into picture only if your academic performance is good.


8 years ago
vishnu raj Shukla
8 Points

No doubt DCE. in terms of placement, exposure,etc.

8 years ago
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