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Is NIT calicut chemical OR CET Trivandrum Mechanical a better option?

Is NIT calicut chemical OR CET Trivandrum Mechanical a better option?


2 Answers

umesh chandrakant shah
36 Points
10 years ago

First of all branch selection depends on your choice. Both Chemical & Mechanical are good branches. In which field your aptitude is matters. However out of two I will prefer education at best college in NIT just next to IIT.

hari invincible
16 Points
9 years ago

NIT Calicut is first of all a national institute,fine; and cet is a state govt funded institution
but it doesnt mean that courses offered by the latter institute is in any ways,inferior to the former....
NIT is an institution which performs extremely well in few of its branches namely, ME ECE CSE and EEE
The rest of the branches are just, as in any college filled only on basis of getting into that institution alone
Whereas they can undoubtedly opt for these elite branches in the equally prestigious COLLEGE Of Engg,Trivandrum where the placements fare almost equal to their counterpart branches in Nit
it may be noted that cet studs get bunches of placements from core companies like ioc, ongc, bhel, abb, microsoft, catterpillar, amazon, m&m ....the list goes on
Moreover, getting in2 a branch like ChemEngg can cause health hazards, which may not be tolerable by our body, atleast for a few
the placements of chemengg dept of nit was down xept for just one year 2010-2011 where the leftover seats of nit mech studs were givn to chemengg students there
taking all these into consideration, i would ask you students to opt for elite branches in Cet
campus life is more vibrant , and colorful , in every means, in cet compared to the former
SO GUYS, dont take a second thought , belong to the place where you should belong to

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