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i got 1711 rank in vit 2010 which branch can i get

i got 1711 rank in vit 2010  which branch can i get


2 Answers

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10 years ago

almost all

anonymous a
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10 years ago



Hello! If you’re reading this you have most probably decided to take admission in VIT or you are considering it. Well this is meant to help you take a better decision. I am a current student of VIT and am keeping my identity anonymous because I do not think the VIT management would be happy if they get their hands on this particular read. For the impatient ones amongst you, I suggest you DO go through the entire piece, else you might regret it later.


So you read the brochure/prospectus and are probably pretty impressed by the college. But the brochure doesn’t tell you everything, nowhere remotely close! The campus is indeed beautiful. There are loads of sports facilities to avail. The library is very resourceful and the hostels quite clean. But that’s pretty much it. Here’s the real deal:

Vellore is really a village, with nothing worth mention except VIT and Christian Medical College. There is no life outside the VIT campus. No good movie theatres, no malls, no good showrooms, no coffee shops, no place to sit and chat with friends. And the horrible climate doesn’t help at all.

Life is not all that great inside the campus either. The campus is overcrowded with as many students in each branch as there are in all branches combined in most colleges. To accommodate these many people, single bed rooms have been converted to double beds, double by four beds, and four by six. This also means that all you’ll get in your second is a 6-bed room which will have an A.C., if you’re lucky. Something that you won’t find in the brochure is the hostel intime-9 pm. Yes, that means you have to be in your rooms-not just your hostel- by 9. This also means that you won’t be able to avail the facilities in the campus since you’re gonna have classes from 8 am till 7 pm. And if you’re thinking you’ll be able to bend the rules, you’re wrong yet again. You have to give attendance to the warden by fingerprint, failing to do which you will be fined Rs. 300 per day. And if you’re thinking you will be able to enjoy in the hostel room itself, you’re quite wrong. Since 9 pm-6 am are supposed to be “silent hours” when in the words of The Chief Warden, “Study or sleep”. There are regular checks in the hostel in the night and if you’re caught watching movies or playing games or even laughing too loud (yes, it actually happened to one of my friends), then you’ll be fined and your laptops will be confiscated. Even if you’re not doing anything, they can randomly check your mobiles and go through your messages ad gallery. And if they happen to find something THEY consider inappropriate (apparently, non-veg messages are too), then say bye bye to your mobiles as well. And your parents may as well get a call from The Chief Warden.

For Girls: If you thought life is bad till now, then brace yourselves. Intime for girls is no more than 8 pm during weekdays and 6, that’s right SIX pm during weekends. You are also only allowed to leave the campus for three hours at most, that too after providing a satisfactory reason.

Girl-Boy interaction is strongly discouraged around here. If the guards see you just sitting and chatting with a person of the opposite sex, they blow their whistles and embarrass you. Even during concerts in fests and any other occasion in the auditorium, there is a barricade separating boys and girls.

One thing you might still be wondering- WHY was VIT ranked 10th amongst all colleges in India? Is it because of the academics? Is it because of the placements? Not quite. It’s because ....Paise khilaye hain saalon ne. If you don’t believe me, have a look at the other rankings in India, where VIT is nowhere near the position it is at in India Today.

The faculty is incompetent, and their intellect doesn’t justify their qualifications. I have come across more than one PhD’s in physics, who are not able to solve simple mathematics such as linear equations. Not just that, a lot of them are heavily biased towards South Indians, and it’s quite blatant. The required attendance is 75 %, and that’s pretty much the only reason you’ll be sitting through the boring and useless lectures. The faculty are aware of that, and punish any indiscipline by threatening to cut internal marks and reduce attendance. The workload is excessive and one is constantly under immense stress. The placements are not all that great either. The 100 % placement record is only on paper. 90 % of the students are placed in TCS, so if you’re not interested in an IT job, or if you don’t make the cut at TCS, you have very little choice, and it is highly probable that you’ll be placed in VIT itself with a package of under 1 lakh per annum.

To conclude, these are supposed to be the best years of one’s life and probably the most memorable ones. I have already wasted 1 precious year of my life here and I’m pretty sure that the next 3 won’t be any brighter. If you’re whole focus is academics and nothing else, if you wanna mug everything up and get your degree, then this s the place for you. But if you wanna live your 4 years, find another place. 

This is neither a place to learn, nor a chance to grow.

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