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Why farmers irrigate their field with water during siever frost ?

Why farmers irrigate their field with water during siever frost ? 


1 Answers

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2 years ago
  1. Water has a very high latent heat of vaporization. In other words, it takes a lot of energy to convert water from a liquid to a gas.  Because of this, water can hold a large amount of heat.  Think about this, whenever water, in liquid form, is sprinkled onto the field, it contains heat.  Even if it is water that would make you turn blue in the shower, it still isn’t frozen and so it holds heat.  This is the first reason we irrigate fields when there is potential frost, the water we put onto the field has some heat to it, and as there is a gradient (a difference) between the water and the cold air, that heat will pass from the water into the air and will slightly warm the air.

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