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When light is refracted into a medium : (1) Its wavelength and frequency both increases (2) Its wavelength increases but frequency remains unchanged (3) Its wavelength decreases but frequency remains unchanged (4) Its wavelength and frequency both decrease

When light is refracted into a medium :                              (1) Its wavelength and frequency both increases           (2) Its wavelength increases but frequency                         remains unchanged                                                  (3) Its wavelength decreases but frequency                        remains unchanged                                                (4) Its wavelength and frequency both decrease 

Grade:12th pass

3 Answers

Saubhagyalaxmi Bhuyan
36 Points
4 years ago
It's frequency remains unchanged but it's wavelength increases as velocity decreases (if in case light is moving from rarer to denser medium )
Divyanshu Dwivedi
19 Points
4 years ago
It is clear that frequency of light would not change. Now depending weather light is moving from reader to sender or vice versa, wavelength would decrease in first case ,but would increase in second case.So it`s answer should be B and C.
Dev Kumar
37 Points
one year ago
The process refraction depicts the wave nature of light, which means it tells the dependency of light on velocity, wavelength, etc., 
⇒    v ∝ λ  
⇒    if v increases then λ  increases and if v decreases then λ  decreases 
    v is independent of f 
⇒   f remains unchanged in the process of refraction 
⇒  Since,
             vrarer > vdenser
  •  on refraction from rarer to denser medium  wavelength of light wave decreases
  •  on refraction from denser to rarer medium wavelength of light wave increases
in both cases frequency remains unchanged 
Correct Answer is (B)&(C)

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