Please see the attachment for my question

Please see the attachment for my question

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7 years ago
Dear Sumukath M lohit,
              The answer in above image is B.P12 .Because pressure is inversely proportional to the volume.And P1 is very rapidly decreases then P2 it shows P1 is very low than P2.
Sumukh M Lohit
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7 years ago
No the answer key says (c) . even I had got the answer as (b) but I went wrong.

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7 years ago
yes answer should be ( c ). for solving these typ of questions, firstly you should draw a line parallel to y-axis. let that drawn line intersect line P1 at point A and P2 at point B. Now compare the volumes for point A and B. At point A let volume be V1 and for point B let it be V2. then you will conclude that V> V1 and P\propto \frac{1}{V}
so order for pressure will be reverse therefore the answer is P1 > P2

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