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Grade: 12th pass
If I mix ice at -10 C to water at 60 C having the same amount, the final temperature of mixture comes out to be 0 C, but Can we calculate the time it takes?
11 months ago

Answers : (2)

askIITians Faculty
2095 Points
							Dear student,

In this case, with just this information given? No. Infact one could use the concept of thermal conductivity of water to find it, but in this problem it would be very complex since we will have to assume that temperature gets changed layer by layer.
10 months ago
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You can calculate the time taken only when a machine (heater/refrigerator) is used and it’s Power is given.
We know that, Q = P x t (P = power, t = time, Q = Heat) and Q = mSdT 
Thus, t = mS dT / P
In this case, it is not possible to find out the time as we need to assume that the temperature is changing layer by layer. Thanks!
10 months ago
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