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I have attached image of the problem to get clear about the process.
An ideal monoatomic gas is taken through the following cycle: Linear expansion from a state (P0, V0, T0) to a state (P1, V1, T1) follwed by an adiabatic compression back to the original state. 
Given: P0=32, V0=8, and P1=1, V1=64 in SI units. Calculate thermal efficiency of the cycle.
6 months ago

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Dear friend answer is 52?.
The question is tricky hope you will understand the explanation if not connect with me in WhatsApp.
First we know that efficiency= work/input heat
Total work done can easily be calculated by calculating area for linear expansion and change in internal energy for adiabatic process.
For input work we should see linear graph. 
In linear line the temperature will increase to a maximum value and then decrease.
Write the equation of the line . Then 
The formula for maximum temperature is c²/4m
Where c= y-intercept
m is slope of line
Now calculate change in internal energy by change in temperature. Also calculate the work done by finding area till that point.
Now , we know that Q= U+W
And finally you can now calculate efficiency.
Thanks and good regards
2 months ago
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