i have already bought h c varma(1&2) , resnic haliday walker , i e erodove for iit physics. please suggest me a very good book(s) only iit-physics related like (course of iit mathematics- Tata magraw hill) . also i have bought morisen&boyd for iit-organic chemistry. i haven't bought any other book for iit-chemistry. please suggest me a very good book(s) for chemistry (only iit related.) its soooooo urgent b cos one of my ralative is goin to pune tomorrow. please suggest me as early asa possible. i have also bought m.l. khanna & t m h for maths . is there any other good book for maths Plllllleeeeaaaaasssseeeee help me

i have already bought   h c varma(1&2) ,   resnic haliday   walker ,   i e erodove  for  iit  physics.   please  suggest   me   a  very   good  book(s)  only  iit-physics  related   like (course  of  iit  mathematics- Tata  magraw  hill)     . also  i have  bought   morisen&boyd  for  iit-organic  chemistry.   i haven't   bought  any  other  book  for  iit-chemistry.   please  suggest  me  a very  good  book(s)  for  chemistry  (only  iit  related.)   its  soooooo  urgent  b cos one  of  my  ralative  is  goin  to pune tomorrow.   please  suggest  me  as  early  asa possible.  i  have  also  bought   m.l. khanna  &  t m h for  maths  .    is   there  any  other  good    book  for  maths                                     Plllllleeeeaaaaasssseeeee   help  me


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