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I didn't understand understood the carnot cycle Can you please explain me the diffrerent steps that takes place in refrigerator

I didn't understand understood the carnot cycle Can you please explain me the diffrerent steps that takes place in refrigerator


1 Answers

Anish Singhal
askIITians Faculty 1194 Points
3 years ago
ACarnot heat engineis a hypothetical engine that operates on the reversibleCarnot cycle. The basic model for this engine was developed byNicolas Léonard Sadi Carnotin 1824. The Carnot engine model was graphically expanded upon byBenoît Paul Émile Clapeyronin 1834 and mathematically elaborated upon byRudolf Clausiusin the 1850s and 60s from which the concept ofentropyemerged.

Every thermodynamic system exists in a particularstate. Athermodynamic cycleoccurs when asystemis taken through a series of different states, and finally returned to its initial state. In the process of going through this cycle, the system may perform work on its surroundings, thereby acting as aheat engine.

A heat engine acts by transferring energy from a warm region to a cool region of space and, in the process, converting some of that energy tomechanical work. The cycle may also be reversed. The system may be worked upon by an external force, and in the process, it can transfer thermal energy from a cooler system to a warmer one, thereby acting as arefrigeratororheat pumprather than a heat engine.

In the adjacent diagram, from Carnot's 1824 work,Reflections on the Motive Power of Fire,there are "two bodiesAandB, kept each at a constant temperature, that ofAbeing higher than that ofB. These two bodies, to which we can give or from which we can remove the heat without causing their temperatures to vary, exercise the functions of two unlimited reservoirs ofcaloric. We will call the first thefurnaceand the second the refrigerator.”Carnot then explains how we can obtainmotive power, i.e. “work”, by carrying a certain quantity of heat from bodyAto bodyB.Carnot engine diagram (modern) - where heat flows from a high temperatureTHfurnace through the fluid of the "working body" (working substance) and into the cold sinkTC, thus forcing the working substance to domechanical workWon the surroundings, via cycles of contractions and expansions.

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