how did the relation cv = cp- R arises

how did the relation 
cv = cp- R arises


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9 years ago
well if you know that 
change in enthalpy dH = change in internal energy dU + dnRdT
now open all the terms 
ncpdt  = ncvdt  +nrdt
cancelling the underlined and bold letters
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9 years ago
i will refer u that u should again read class 11 physics and chemistry thermodynamics for your further clarification
Abhishek Singh
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9 years ago
It arises from the first law of the thermodynamics 
  dq = dU + pdv …..........(1)
 for const pressure dq= n Cp dT
and dU= nCvdT  
always holds true .
PV=nRT------> Pdv= nRdT at const pressure 
Put all these in eqn. 1
       n Cp dT = nCvdT + n RdT
----------> C- Cv = R 

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