discuss the similarties and especailly the distinetion between work heat and internal energy

discuss the similarties  and especailly the distinetion
between work heat and internal energy

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Both heat and work have some similarities in the way they behave that you will have to consider. First both heat and work are directional quantities. This means that both of them have a certain magnitude and direction in relation to whether the energy is entering or leaving the system
Second, both heat and work are only recognized when energy crosses the systems boundaries. Third, building upon the second statement, systems only contain energy not work or heat. Fourth, both heat and work are associated with a process as the system follows a path from one state towards another state
Internal energy is the energy stored in a body. It increases when the temperature of the body rises, or when the body changes from solid to liquid or from liquid to gas. Internal energy is the sum of kinetic and potential energy of all particles in the body.  Unit of internal energy: joule (J)

Heat is the energy transferred from one body to another as a result of a temperature difference.  When two bodies of different temperatures touch each other, energy is transferred from the hot body to the cold body. Typically the two bodies reach the same temperature. The bodies are then said to be in thermal equilibrium.

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