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why planck scale is so important?

why planck scale is so important?


1 Answers

Sunil Kumar FP
askIITians Faculty 183 Points
7 years ago
Planck scaleis the scale where both, gravity and quantum effects are relevant simultaneously
Inparticle physicsandphysical cosmology, thePlanck scale(named afterMax Planck) is anenergy scalearound 1.22 × 1019GeV(which corresponds by themass–energy equivalenceto thePlanck mass2.17645 × 10−8kg) at whichquantum effectsofgravitybecome strong. At this scale, present descriptions and theories of sub-atomic particle interactions in terms ofquantum field theorybreak down and become inadequate, due to the impact of the apparentnon-renormalizabilityof gravity within current theories.

At the Planck scale, the strength of gravity is expected to become comparable with the other forces, and it is theorized that all the fundamental forces are unified at that scale, but the exact mechanism of this unification remains unknown. The Planck scale is therefore the point where the effects of quantum gravity can no longer be ignored in otherfundamental interactions, and where current calculations and approaches begin to break down, and a means to take account of its impact is required.

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