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Rb Grade: 12
        Why AgBr                      shows both Fresnel and          Scotty defect     ?explain  in 20 -30 word
one year ago

Answers : (1)

askIITians Faculty
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										Dear student
The radius ratio for AgBr is intermediate. Thus, it shows both frenkel and schottky defects.

The major defect in AgBr is the Frenkel defect. It has a rock salt structure i.e. CCP lattice of Br with atoms of Ag occupying all octahedral holes. Ag moves from octahedral to tetrahedral sites causing only cations to precipitate.

Schottky defect arise due to missing of ions from their lattice point and frenkel arise when the missing ions occupy interstitial AgBr, Ag+ion is small in size and when removed from lattice point they can occupy interstitial site and therefore show both frenkel and schottky defect. Schottky Defect in AgBr is exhibited due to precipitation of both Cations and Anions.
one year ago
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