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Grade: 11
Which of the following would be required to measure the specific heat;
                      I . Calorimeter
                      II . Thermometer
                      III. Balance
(a) I only    (b) II only   (c) I and II only    (d) I and III only   (e) I, II, III
one year ago

Answers : (3)

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Dear student
Calorimeter is used  to find the specific heat.
Hence option A is correct.
Arun (askIITians forum expert)
one year ago
Kush Raval
8 Points
But Sir ;
According to the equation q = m x c x (delta) t
Solving for c ; we get; q / (m x (delta) t) = c.
So for this we would also require balance to find “m” and thermometer for finding  “t” Values.
So wont the answer be E – (I, II and III)?
one year ago
Arnab Maji
33 Points
Calorimeter is used to measure the specific heat. Generally Bomb calorimeter is used for these. Heated material is dipped into the liquid of calorimeter and heat liberated is measured by the increase in temperature of the liqyil and thus specific heat is calculated. 
one year ago
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