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Grade: 9
what is isotops and isobars ? relationship between bpth isotops and isobars? 
4 months ago

Answers : (2)

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Isotopes are substance having same atomic number  but different mass number. 

For ex  hydogen has 3 isotopes ,   protium , deuterium  and tritium. 


Isobars are substances having same atomic mass and different  atomic  number 

For ex    argon and calcium has 18 and 20 atomic  number respectively and has 40 as its mass number or atomic mass

4 months ago
Vikas TU
10599 Points
Dear student 
Isotpes - atoms of same elements having same atomic no. but different mass no.
Ex- 12 14
C , C
6. 6
Isotopes have same chemical properties but different physical properties.
Isobars - atoms of different elements having different atomic no. but same mass no.
Ex - 40 40
Ca , Ar
20 18
Good Luck 
4 months ago
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