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Soumyadeep Grade: 11
Volume of co2 obtained at stp by the complete decomposition of 9.85 g na2co3 is.
2 years ago

Answers : (4)

Ashutosh Sharma
askIITians Faculty
181 Points

Na2CO3⇒ Na2O + CO2
1 mole of sodium carbonate give 1 mole of carbon dioxide.
as 105.98g sodium carbonate gives 44.01g carbon dioxide
therefore, 9.85 g sodium carbonate gives = 9.85 × 44.01 =4.09 g of CO2 105.98
Moles of CO2 mole = weight =4.09/44.01= 0.092 mole
Molar mass

1 mole of gas = 22.4 L gas
Therefore,0.092 mole of CO2 = 22.4 × 0.092 = 2.06 L CO2.

2 years ago
Rahul Ray
24 Points
On calculating this reaction one might get answer 2.08 litres but as Na2co3 is soda ash and it does not decomposes on heating even to redness
And co2 does not evolved
  So the answer will be zero litres
one year ago
11 Points
										Na2co3 requires temperature above 500 degree Celsius to decompose that is not possible at STP so the answer will be zero cow evolved
5 months ago
SJ Nihal
13 Points
										Na2CO3 on decomposition gives CO2 .This is unfair if , 9.85 gm of sodium carbonate decompose and 2.08 litres CO2 formed as per calculation. As it does not decompose formally by heating .
2 days ago
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