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nakul Grade: 12
The mass of 70% H2SO4 required for neutralization of 1 mole of NAOH is????
3 years ago

Answers : (4)

Dhruvesh Khandelwal
30 Points
The 70% is weight by weight h2so4.
According to the neutralisation reaction
h2so4 + 2NaOH ---> Na2SO4 + 2H2O
the moles of h2so4 needed are 0.5 moles
Molar mass of h2so4 =98g
for 0.5 moles mass of h2so4 = 98*0.5=49g
70 g h2so4 is there in 100 g solution (70% h2so4)
therefore 49g is there in 70g of solution
Ans = 70 g
3 years ago
20 Points
but answer is 35 g.....
3 years ago
19 Points
0.05 mole of LiAIH, in ether solution was placed in a flask containing 74g (1 mole) of t-butyl alcohol. The product LiAIHCl2H2703 weighed 12.7 g. If Li atoms are conserved, the percentage yield is : (Li = 7, Al = 27, H = 1,0= 12,0= 16).
one year ago
Gaurang gupta
21 Points
										ApplyPOAC in Li atom....[x/38)=(12.7/254massofcompond)*1 ,x=1.9gms..nw for percentage yield 0.05 mole LiALH4 means 1.9 GMs their for 100%yield
one year ago
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