suggest a list of metals that are extracted electrolytically.

suggest a list of metals that are extracted electrolytically.


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sumit kumar
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8 years ago
Al, Cu and Zn are extracted electrolytically.
Here I am providing you a detalied explaination for electrolytc extraction of aluminium.
Electrolysis of fused pure alumina (Hall & Herwlt Method)
The addition of cryolite (Na3AlF6) and fluorspar (CaF2) makes alumina a good conductor of electricity and lowers its Fusion temperature from 2323 to 1140 K. the reaction taking place during electrolysis.
Refining of Aluminium:

The graphite rods dipped in pure aluminium and Cu–Al alloy rod at the bottom in the impure aluminium work as conductors. On electrolysis, aluminium is deposited at cathode from the middle layer and equivalent amount of aluminium is taken up by the middle layer from the bottom layer (impure aluminium). Therefore, aluminium is transferred from bottom to the top layer through middle layer while the impurities are left behind. Aluminium thus obtained is 99.98% pure.

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