State Henry’s law and mention some important applications?

State Henry’s law and mention some important applications?


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The most important factor which influences the solubility of a gas in liquid is the pressure. the quantitative connection between the solubility and pressure is given by Henry’s law. According to this law,

“The mass of a gas dissolved by a given volume of a liquid, at constant temperature, is proportional to the pressure of the gas”.

Applications ofHenrys law:

Scuba divers must cope with high concentrations of dissolved gaseswhile breathing air at high pressure underwater. Increased pressureincreases the solubility of atmospheric gases in blood. When thedivers come towards surface, the pressure gradually decreases. Thisreleases the dissolved gases and leads to the formation of bubblesof nitrogen in the blood. This blocks capillaries and creates a medicalcondition known as bends, which are painful and dangerous to life.To avoid bends, as well as, the toxic effects of high concentrationsof nitrogen in the blood, the tanks used by scuba divers are filledwith air diluted with helium (11.7% helium, 56.2% nitrogen and 32.1% oxygen).

To increase the solubility of CO2in soft drinks and soda water, thebottle is sealed under high pressure.

At high altitudes the partial pressure of oxygen is less than that atthe ground level. This leads to low concentrations of oxygen in theblood and tissues of people living at high altitudes or climbers. Lowblood oxygen causes climbers to become weak and unable to thinkclearly, symptoms of a condition known as anoxia.

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