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One mole mixture of CH4 and air(containing 80% N2, 20% O2 by volume) of a composition such that when underwent combustion gave maximum heat ( assume combustion of only CH4). Then how is the statement 
X(CH4) =1/11, X(O2) = 2/11, X(N2) = 8/11 correct regarding the composition of initial mixture (X represents Mole Fraction).
one year ago

Answers : (1)

Shweta Ahire
44 Points
Maximum heat means in the reaction all reactant totally consumes
Total mole is 1    
So air mole =x.....( mole of N2=0.8x   and mole of O2 = 0.2x)
Mole of CH4 = 1- x
CH4 +2O2 = CO2 +2H2O
Mole of O2 = 0.2x       
so mole of Ch4=1/2 ×0.2x = 0.1x
But already we calculate that mole of CH4 = 1-x 
So 1-x = 0.1x
X = 10/11
So moles of CH4 = 1-x= 1-10/11 = 1/11 and mole fraction of CH4 = mole of CH4 / total mole so 
Mole fraction of CH4 is 1/11
Similarly, mole fraction of O2 and N2 are 2/11  and 8/11 respectively 
one year ago
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